Dale Oxley Hair Studio

My name is Dale Oxley.

I am a California State Board Licensed Cosmetologist. I have been specializing in hair coloring and highlighting for over twenty years and have loved every moment of it. I specialize mainly in color corrections from other stylists and home color. There is more to coloring than just simply applying color and waiting for results. It is important to evaluate the skin tone of a client and educate them as to which color scale they fall under. For every client, I formulate color especially for that head of hair.

I use Framesi, which is a high quality color that was established in Milan, Italy where it is the main manufacturer of hair color. Framesi gives a stunning true color that lasts longer without fading. Framesi's new Hair Treatment Line is extraordinary in that it helps to keep hair and scalp in the finest condition. For those with dry scalps I use a mild shampoo that alleviates the flaky dryness, followed by a Follicle Release Fluid, which assists the hair follicle in releasing the body's natural oils. For those who need a little TLC, there is also a Reconstructing Treatment for damaged hair caused by the sun rays, harsh chemicals, and even some shampoos.

When highlighting most stylists take larger sections, especially for those with a great deal of hair, dividing the hair into three (3) large sections which doesn't give good coverage. I use smaller sections with more foils, sectioning the hair into four (4) sections for better coverage. Blending is very important to make sure it last longer and continues to grow out, still keeping the natural look.

With my continual education in various Framesi color classes, advanced color classes and my attendance at numerous hair shows from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, I enjoy keeping up with the new contemporary looks. The biggest reward for me as a stylist is to know that a client is pleased and confident with the results. No matter your request or obstacle, I am always up for a challenge so come in and see me!